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[ Monday the 5th]

g0t a new LJ

Add me p0r fav0r*

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To Taylor: [ Sunday the 4th]
[ mood | sad ]

Hey girl..     We have been through so much. So many fights, so many misunderstandings, so many guys, so many memories. So so so many unforgetable moments.   It has been so lonely and awkward w/out you in school w/ me this year. Without you sittin there next to me in band hah..! Without you there, life..heck LEE COUNTY jus isn't the same. I would give anything to have you back here girl! I miss you so much. Last night, as you were walking away, I started to cry..but I stopped myself. I kept telling myself, this isn't goodbye, this isn't goodbye..we will totally see each other again. We always do. After every fight, and after all these years, you really do have to be one of my clostest friends. No matter how many miles away we are we will always be close. I promise. No matter what happens, I am ALWAYS here for you. Always. Remember that. I miss you soo much, and this place will never be the same without you babe.                       I l0ve ya girl!! And Miss you sooo much!    We have so many memories together.. like the time we went on a band tour and started singing and dancing to "Shake It like a Salt Shaker" right in the middle of McDonalds!   Or all those times we hung out at DPS til late at night while our moms worked, and all the PTO games, the many years at the fair, going to Cinn. (TWICE!)..hah what about that play! We are such Mexican whores* gosh I don't even think I could put down all the memories on here.  Girl throught all these years, we have become tighter than spandex!* (lol)     Friends make life fun, sharing movie popcorn on lazy afternoons. laughing at the silliest jokes. Talking about our dreams for the future. Phone call and letters, just staying in touch wherever we are. Friends are forever! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[ Friday the 2nd]
[ mood | flirty ]

I'm really tired.

Anyways, I don't have much to say.
I haven't updated this thing in a while so I figured I would.

Jus wanted to leave Emily T. a shoutie-

It's cool you hippo! Gitcha a messed up table! my humps!* I wish we could have gotton a good pic of me and him and the heart on the wall! We are the BEST groupies ever! And that woman in the red is jus jealous! Shew! Wheres my straw!!? lol Ok ok..too gay too gay TOO GAY! lol Ok..this is long enough.
If I had to put everyone on there, I wouldn't have enough room! lol!
<33 ya! We HAVE to go Wednesday!
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[ Monday the 29th]


Things have changed so much in the week or so we have been in school.

I was jus sititn here thinking about it, and people I used to chill w/ at Pennington, I find myself not talking to, and the ones that we were friends but didn't talk or hang out much, we are the ones who are gettin closer and have all classes w/.


I think I like the change. I know I like H.S. but I think I like this lil change up of friends. Its interesting.


My lIfe is great right now.        Nothings really been goin on! I haven't had that much time for anything but school and volleyball, but I plan on goin out this weekend again. lemme know what time everyone is goin out to LMF this weekend!!



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[ Monday the 29th]
Us Lee High girls are one of a kind. We love hard.  We don't take no for an answer.  We get along... with each other. We're good at what we do... we have talent and trust me, we use it.  Boys are petty to us.  Life doesn't get any better, when you're a Lee High girl.  We get what we want, say what we want, act how we want, and most of all  Do what we want.  Most people know us as "the best in the world".. it's true. ;-) Stole this from Rach<3 Thanks!
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[ Sunday the 28th]
[ mood | sad ]

This weekend has been so good.
Friday-the football game as everyone kn0wz..!
Saturday- Mom called around 10:15? Or something like that and told me to get up because I was supposed to be watching Josh and his lil friend Cody so I got up..jus to find out they weren't up! They ended up rollin outa bed around 12:30 and thats just because I woke them up! So Anyways, later on I went to the movies and watched "The Cave" it was really good. Came home, and jus didn't do anything really..jus cause I'm that cool!!
T0day- Woke up around 11:30 didnt do anything until about 12:3o..Dad came and told me we had to be at my aunts house at 1 so I got ready in 30 mins!!!! WOW! haha! But I went out there and ate and hung out for a bit then went to FC and got me some ORANGE poster board for my collage on White Fang.
Did my collage, then I went to take a bubble bath and I had been in there for like MAYBE 15 mins and all of a sudden the door opens (I'm home alone) so I flipped out and got out and got dressed REAL fast!! So now I'm sittin here all paranoid!!
Awh..my Daddy left for Knoxville today.
I miss him so much already!!
He won't be back until Thursday!!!
-Pray for him*

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[ Saturday the 27th]
Only one word can describe me:


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"A little spark kindles a great fire"-Italian Proverb.. [ Saturday the 27th]

I don't have much to say.
I jus know that I haven't updated in a while..

I don't see the point in puttin anything about the FB game last night on here.
I reckon by now, everyone already knows everything that's happened.

I'm soo unbelievably bored.

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[ Wednesday the 24th]
[ mood | calm ]

I got bored while waiting for Kelsey to come so I decided to make this a qucik update!

Went to school, had band. Twigg didn't let us out until 4. We were a lil late for our scrimage. We scrimaged TW then TW scrimaged PV then we scrimaged PV! It could have been a lot worse.
Thank god it wasn't.

Went to Subway w/ Kelsey. I so didn't know Jordan Lamb worked there! I was like Jordan?!!??? WTF?? lol!
Anyways, got our subs some thing about Woodsmen or something? Then Went to Kelseys, attempted to do Geom.
Didn't succeed so we went here and got dad to help us! Worked on that for an hour or hour n a 1/2!! Then Kels went home, I did my espanol then I did me ingles! Fun Fun...not! I really hate geom.
Shew! Anyways, I went to bed around 10:30 after I finished my homework!
I slept sooo good.

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[ Monday the 22nd]
[ mood | *inspiring* ]


I'm in such an inspiring mood. I can't explain it.

-It's so w0nderful.
I'm full of enthusiasm..

-My day was great-
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